More Nifty Woes (Load screen doesnt show)

I am having trouble getting my loading screen to show …

After the main menu screen comes up… i press the start button and have a call in my GUI controller file to bring up the loading screen after which i do app.start();

Once the app is done loading(loadScene() function completes) it should simply show the hud screen as an overlay. SO this is the progression →

BUT, heres the funny thing, the intermediate screen( loadingScreen) never really shows up. After I press start, it goes to a blank screen and i can see the console output of the loading sequence, but nothing on screen…and then finally the hud screen + game loads up on screen.

Any ideas how I should go about fixing this and/or putting in a loading screen in general ?


Yeah but i dont want to add the control code to my I tried using my own GUI controller to deal with it, but the scene goes blank as I said and pow the whole thing comes back on with no loading screen in between.

I don’t know what you mean by “dont want to add the control code to my” Please read the wiki entry about whats the problem and how to circumvent it.

roger that captain!