More of a suggestion


I just started working on my mouse picker setup today and I found that there are no real easy ways to set which button is to be pressed. You have to enter the exact int. Could it be possible to add a few static finals for this to the MouseInput? That way we could set mousebuttons through those, which makes the code much more readable. I did something like this now already, but in my own code and I would like to see these statics added to the general JME code is possible.

It could be that this missing of statics is happening on other locations as well, but this is the one I encountered today. When I find more locations that could benefit from added statics I'll post them here as well.


By static final int, you do mean enum, right? :slight_smile:

Ah yes, I read the topic on the move to 1.5 after I wrote this one and didnt feel like editing, thinking you would get my point anyway.

There is one, but it's pretty well hidden: com.jme.input.controls.binding.MouseButtonBinding

Woiuldn't it make more sense to have it on the same level for all input devices?

By that I mean the same package at least?

Now every input device has these statics, but each has them in a different class and in a different package. Doesn't seem very user friendly to me.