More on terrain texturing

I know all of you are trying shader generated splatting but I still want to exploit all the possibilities of fixed function first.

What I want to do is something like what’s described here:

I’m using a TerrainPage with a large scale factor and I’m not happy with the results of the generated texture. The problem is that the procedurally height based generated texture is applied over the whole terrain, and so, even if I use nice textures for each height, they get spread, because of the terrain scale. I wanted to use something like repeat the textures for each height (not really generating a big one), so I don’t loose the details, and blend them near the edges, so the terrain gets smooth enough.

Is there a way to do this with TerrainPages? I don’t want to write my own QuadTree or something. Dunno if Llamma’s terrain engine is capable of this, is it?

TestIsland and TestTerrainSplatting does what I was talking about.

My terrain doesn't support this "out of the box", but you can implement something like that on top of it. For an example look at hevee's showcase:

I've been looking that thread and it seems to fill my needs. I'll talk to hevee so.

Renanse also mentioned that he had settled for 2 textures for a terrain, the first is opaque and the second transparent, maybe he could shed some more light on it if you ask

Since I also need to know the height of any particular place and use the terrain mesh for JMEPhysics2, I'm inclined to extend TerrainPage (and TerrainBlock) and add the feature of blended multitexturing (not only detail)… But I'll investigate this further and still consider Llama's terrain engine.

to me size IS important

depending on what your user requirements and the size of the map - if its more than 1024 * 1024 - use llamas. Also, its good in the way you can overide alot of the functionality, you could use the Llama terrain easily for quad trees and faster artefact culling

My size requirements are not so important, but I'll take a closer look at it for sure. BEggining tomorrow I'll start digging into it.

You might want to look here for fixed-function splatting, although currently there’s a bug making the blends white, I should probably fix it soon…

Just checked your example and it seems to be exactely what I need right now. Thanks a lot… I'll post any further improvements here.