More options on Display Settings

Greetings forum. I have been programming Java for about 9 months and i recently found about jME and followed the great tutorials you have and it’s awesome :smiley: I just sent a game to my friend and he couldn’t start it because of “No support for WGL_ARB_multisample” so i looked it up and found out it was because I’m using 4xMultisample in my game. I removed multisampling and sent it again and then it worked for him.

When i launch my game it looks like this:

I would like the user to be able to select how much Multisample he wants. I’m using jME2 with “SimpleGame” game type. Options like VSync would be great too, i manually set VSync to on in my code right now. I know I’ve seen other launchers in jME games that has a vsync checkbox.