More Skyspheres?


I wanted to created more than 1 Skysphere.

The first layer would be the colour of the sky. (texture dynamicly created)

The second would be a sun/moon, I would rotate the skysphere.

The third are clouds I would rotate them too.

So the second and the third layer need an alpha texture.

Is there a possibilty to do that or do I have to create it on my texture? I tryed it out with an alpha texture but I cant get it to work.

the sky material does not account for alpha.

also even if it was, the skybox is always rendered at depth 1.0 so alpha sorting would be messy.

why not use the sky box only for the sky color , then have a billboard for the sun and the moon. and a flat layer (a quad) above the scene to simulate clouds?

Hmm you are right :stuck_out_tongue: I will try it like that :smiley: