More smoother physics?

my capsulecollisionshape character control hits the box from underneath and the collision is really crappy. the camera shakes or twitches or something and its very jumpy. Even when walking on the floor at some areas, the camera is kind of twitching a little bit. Is there any way to make the physics more smoother for when my character hits the box from underneath?

Same problem here. Are you by any chance using the tutorial engine and changed it to 3D Person?

Lower the treshhold value so movements stop earlier. Write a controller which sets movement totally zero after a given time or […]

avoid large boxes or too large meshes, play with the stepSize constructor parameter


Ah, I c. So its a bullet problem with 1m=1Unit and stuff, right?

So people need to avoid large triangles, or is the actual mesh size important? ( I ask, because Im working on a rly great mesh atm, even though i try to hold triangle sizes low for bullet. large planes are split and stuff)

Large triangles compared to the character, too large (whole) meshes are just bad for the near phase workload as nothing is done in the broadphase.

@normen, if I understood you well a stack of 10 small boxes (1X1X1) are better than a long pillar box(1X10X1)? This might be my problem.