Morphing in jme3


I want making mesh morphing (sphere → box → pyramid).

I found the morphing code to jme2 ([]=morphing)

and I analyze this code and I want change from jme2 to jme3. but it is very difficult to me.

Do you know how to change this code?

  1. morphing isnt implemented yet in jme3. KeyframeController class doesnt exist.
  2. i dont see anything difficult in that code. The only java command in that code is :


    KeyframeController kc = new KeyframeController();


    kc.setKeyframe(0, startBox);


    all other you can just load it from a ogrexml file [the cube mesh / pyramid mesh].

Thank you for your answering.

You means that morphing is not support yet in jme3.

Do you know when jmonkey engine’s team is implement to morphing in jme3?

And do you know what I can use the API intead of KeyframeController?

they are planning to add morphing, hardware skinning etc as a feature, but i dont know when it will be ready.

So i guess you have to wait and devote your time in another part of the game.

We are probably never going to add this sort of morphing. The issue with it is that it needs equal amount of vertices on all objects, in addition to the vertices’ positions matching on all objects. It is very specific to certain geometry and so its use cases are very limited

Oh. I see. I found APIs(Skeleton, Bonetrack, Animcontrol, BoneAnimation) for implement morphing. But I don’t test yet. and I don’t know it is right way or not. Anyway, thank you(tralala, Momoko Fan) very much. Take care~ and have a nice day.