Most used Model/Mesh format

I would like to know what is the most used format with jME.

I know that there is diference between static models and animated models so please comment if you use more than one format.

OBJ and MD5 [and XML from hevee].

Both from blender?

clovis said:

Both from blender?



I couldn't make OBJ work from Blender  :?

I use Blender->Collada 1.4, and I don't have animated models.

I also tag blender objects with names and postprocess to remove markers, generate physics, etc…

collada and md5. collada from maya and md5 from max.

OBJ and X from Maya. Both pain to export and import properly.

md5, obj and xml from hevee


we're working with .dae files for static models, and .md5 for animated ones, both exported from 3dsMax.

.OBJ from Cinema4D (it only works with the 'Riptide .obj exporter' Plugin), but then it works perfectly.

Exporter of MD5 for max is free?

I had problems with OBJ from 3ds MAX9. The jme throws exception telling that its not a triMesh.

I have settled on ms3d for the time being.  After my initial tests, I found that ms3d gave me the most bang-for-the-buck (low to moderately high poly models, decent animation/skeletal system, flawless (so far as I have seen) jME implementation) and did not encounter the problems with import/export or other wierdness that I did with other types (obj, md5, md2, etc.).  As soon as I was able to model a chest with a lid, animate it, color it, and drop it into a test world and pop that lid open on demand (which was probably a two-hour job from start to finish), I rushed right back to chalumbasoft ( and dropped an easy 40 for it. 

I highly recommend ms3d if you aren't looking for double to triple A quality models (although I can tell you that you can make some f'n A quality ones!) and if you can deal with a somewhat antiquated user interface.  I have also used ms3d with blender for more complex models, using an initial model pass/build in blender and then exporting to ms3d and finishing up there with texture/color, bones, animation, etc. – which seems to work well when the static view/edit mode of ms3d is more trouble than its worth. 

jeah, the md5 exporter for max is free…

google for der_ton's exporter.

Or just have a look at the wiki :wink:

XML from hevee, works fine for me  8)

I am surprised to see how few people uses Collada…

I had lots of trouble with OBJ from Blender, that's shy I switched to Collada… maybe I took the wrong decision?

I believe animation would explain that… Collada is not really well supported for animation, unless you are very careful into how you export it.

Ogre3D mesh.xml for static and vertex-animated.

MD5 for boned/characters, will switch to mesh.xml once I add bone animation support.

ogre3d mesh loader is a jme built-in converter?

its a separate project… it is being created by momoko as part of the Radakan project… but as the game is open source… the importer is also available for everyone else… I think it is currently being worked on by someone… improved… finished… so to say.

Any update on that btw? 

I am doing other stuff. Ender was supposed to work on it but he left.