I've been investigating the concept of mountpoints for a few days now, I think I've read most of the posts (not so many) on the topic, but I still have issues. And since there's no clear tutorial on the topic yet, I'll explain my situation very clearly and if anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, that'd be great !

So starting from the latest tutorial about animation in Blender, you end up with an object that has an Armature modifier with an animation (I'm referring to the part with the walk animation).

You go on the object view, and add a box (could be an empty object as mentioned in what I read about mountpoints).

You make sure that this box object has the same scale, position and rotation parameters as your armature and your body.

You now select the box, and enter the 'editing' view. Only THEN you move the box so that it fits the place and orientation you want your mountpoint to be.

After that, come back to the object view, still selecting the box object. Apply an Armature modifier, and enter the name of the armature object you applied to the body (deselect 'envelope').

Enter the weight paint view, select the bone that should directly affect the mountpoint (for me, it was the right forearm bone), and paint your box (so it's totally red).

Normally, if you now enter the pose mode of the Armature, you should observe that moving the bones actually now affects both the body and the mountpoint.

Now if you load the model in jME through HottBJ, you'll observe that if you activate your animation, the little box will also move accordingly to any animation.

The point I'm now missing is the following: How do you actually switch objects with the box/mountpoint ???

The loaded mesh has the following structure:

An armature that contains one child with the bones and one child (skinnode) that contains the geometries (here my mount point and my body). I don't really know how to deal with parenting my weapon to the mountpoint, given that I cannot parent my weapon mesh to the mountpoint inside the skinnode because the mountpoint inside the skinnode is actually a geometry … If I parent the weapon to the skinnode, then the weapon only moves with the translation of the main node, NOT with any animation …

Any help appreciated !!!



Know this topic is more than a month old, but perhaps you should have mentioned Blender in the topic…

Kind of old, but i found it while looking for other stuff.

Here's how i've solved it (though it's been a while since i looked at this code):

The mount points you created in blender are exported as nodes (and have names in the model file, look them up).

I created a node called "mountPoints" which i attach to the model (skin node).

Then i use .getChild(String s) on the skinnode to retrieve the mount points (using their names).

You should now be able to attach nodes to the appropriate child of "mountPoints" using:


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