Mouse cursor speed?

Hey com,
I think thats a pretty easy question, but google cant give me a hint which object is the right one :confused:
Turned flycam off and now use the mouse like in a gui, but the coursor speed is much faster than I need it.
thanks for help, Sero

If you use hardware mouse, it should be equal to your os mouse speed, by definition.
Except I misunderstood what you meant.

Thanks for awnser, seems you understood it :stuck_out_tongue:
Mh but its not possible to change global mouse speed with java or ?

I think if you actually could change the global mouse speed that your users would probably track you down and kick you hard in places that hurt most. I cannot imagine a faster way to get your game uninstalled than to mess with the global mouse speed.

If you need a slower mouse cursor speed then you will have to do your own mouse handling and scale the movement accordingly.

Edit: changed “mouse speed” to “mouse cursor speed” just to avoid confusion.

One possible solution if you need this is to use software cursors, eg doa quad and make the rest based on the delta in the mouse events yourself.