Mouse Cursor with AWTPanel

I’m using an AWTPanel in order to integrate a JMonkey display with a larger swing application. I’ve noticed that when I mouse click in the display the cursor jumps to the center of the display. This occurs both when I have a MouseButtonTrigger mapped and with nothing mapped. This makes mouse based picking within the display odd from a UI point of view. Is there someway to turn it off or work around it.



do you by any chance use the flycamera? (aka the default in simpleapplication?)

try disabling it (flycam.setEnabled(false)), cause I suspect that it might be the reason.

…and also make sure that the cursor is set to visible. I forget which is the default.

FlyCam will override this if you don’t remove/disable it. To Empire’s advice is still right, too.

Thanks. Those suggestions fixed it.