Mouse dragging and arrow control

This call:


seems to do two things: 1) mouse input requires the use of the ctrl key for input, and 2) it disables the arrow keys

What I want is to require the ctrl key, as the call does, but to also allow the arrow input. What’s the right way to do this?

You are using a Mac right? It does not require the Ctrl key per se, thats only how you right-click on Mac… Are you sure your application is in foreground and you don’t press Ctrl when you use the arrow keys? Idk, it might be that the flyCam doesn’t allow any other kind of input when its set to dragToRotate…

It’s Windows 7.

I think you’re right about it not allowing any other kind of input on dragToRotate. I’d like the dragToRotate on, it works the way we want, but I’d also like the arrow keys to be active.

I’d say you should just implement your own controller or control the cam directly, flyCam doesn’t do much, really.

I totally misspoke about the ctrl. brain fart, sorry. the left-click to drag works as we like. it’s just that i want arrow keys, too.