Mouse gestures, how to

can someone explain a bit how to define them,…if they possible, if I'm not clear I mean define an action based on "approximate' mouse movement… like a circular mouse drag, its not always going to be perfect so how to account for subtle differences and such

I am thinking about adding a "grappler" system to my fight code that can allow for arm drags, body throws/slams into floors and walls …I want the hand to combat to be anything slick/skilled looking fights to straight dirty brawl }:-@

Thinking about this it reminds me of the “All in One Gestures” firefox addon:  I don’t know why, but maybe it will help me explain what I’m thinking.  ;)  When you do a gesture with that add-on by holding down the right mouse button, it tells you in the lower left status bar of firefox what movement you’re currently doing.  As an example to see cookies for the current website you do a “C” motion or in the status bar “Left-Down-Right”.

So basically what I would do to implement a mouse gesture system is store positions of the mouse whenever its left button is held down.  Then parsing that list of positions either when they let-go or even while they’re still pressing the button to see what main directions they’re gesturing.  That’s my thoughts on this subject, give it whirl.  :D