Mouse input speed shifting

Too lazy to retype, so please see here:

I'm not going to do this right away unless there is a big call for it.  Really though I want to know if there are any big objections, fears, etc.?  :slight_smile:

cool, people should get their workaround out of their code anyway…(we've allways done the input and camera handling through lwjgl ourselves instead)

Sounds good. If you do rework things be sure to make it configurable right away (allow changing controls). This can be easily done by exposing the used actions. So applications can register them e.g. with the joystick axes.

@MrCoder: Maybe you could share (in words or pseudo code if you prefer) what you are doing with lwjgl directly so that the jME classes can be improved?  What was lacking, etc.

@irrisor: Allow changing controls…?  I'm guess by the next sentence you wrote you just mean allowing the user to swap out the up/down/left/right actions?  What did you mean specifically by "registering"?

I meant one should be able to do something like

someInputHandler.addAction( cameraLook.getUpDownAction(), someJoystickDevice.getName(), InputHandler.BUTTON_NONE, 1, false );
someInputHandler.addAction( cameraLook.getLeftRightAction(), someJoystickDevice.getName(), InputHandler.BUTTON_NONE, 0, false );

to control the camera with the joystick. And yes, it's only a getter for the actions (and proper actions using trigger data).