Mouse look with right button down

Hi there,

is it possible to use a standard AbsoluteMouse behaviour when no (or left) mouse button is pressed and a FirstPersonHandler when I press right mouse button?

I need intuitive navigation, but also stop where I am and use AbsoluteMouse for picking. I would prefer this behaviour prior to RelativeMouse with a crosshair.

(BTW: if you are looking for nice transparent mouse cursor, I use this , which can directly replace the one from jME distribution)


Hey… what are you saying about he one in the jME distribution? XD

Anyhow, I think that what you’ll want to do is have your own extension of Mouse.

What I’d do would be to actually extend AbsoluteMouse, then on the update set a flag based on right mouse button state. Then turn off the graphic (or change it) and then do a different thing on update.