Mouse pick

in there is a class MousePick is there such a thing?

No, MousePick does not exist - it’s just written there to confuse newbies :wink:

Ok, yust kidding. MousePick is in package jmetest.intersection which means its part of the tests. So you would have to include the jmetest.jar (or the folder containing the compiled test-classes) in your classpath to use it in your app. But you will most likely want to copy and modify it instead…

If this answers your question - I recommend to use an IDE (e.g. Eclipse) to find classes or simply use filesystem-search tool.

sounds good thx, still don’t get wat i need but i hope i figure it out. i got the jmetest jar in the classpath just wat do i need to import

nvm i extracted it from the testjme jar but when i tried to use it, it said it cannot access MousePick

psh silly me nvm