Mouse Controllers. Ok, Mouse input is finished, and keyboard is complete. I’m starting on ways to control the mouse. I see two ways (relative and absolute). Relative gives you the change from last frame to this frame. Would be useful for FPS games, etc. Absolute will maintain the position of a pointer on the window each frame. This would be useful for GUI type things.

Is there any input from anyone on this subject?

Good way to do it bearing in mind the GUI stuff.

AbsMouse was a SPGL class which controls the GUI mouse movements in spaghetti & I think the lwgjl mouse class was used to do the rest (in SPGL/Alien Flux).

The ability to change or create different mousepointer graphics on the fly for either GUI or world actions could be in a separate class(es).

Mouse Pointers…

Would a alpha blended texture work ok, or do you mean something more than that?

At the moment I want to experiment with Spaghetti’s look & feel sometime in the future/next few weeks & then perhaps tell you what I’ve found out so we can make a decision regarding all images GUI related.

Do you intend to have a spearate MousePointer class to set the image etc… for the GUI?

Initial check in of keyboard and mouse controllers are in. There are no high level (i.e. FPS, Tracking controllers) yet, as I’m still not positive how I want to handle this.

Do you intend to have a spearate MousePointer class to set the image etc... for the GUI?

Right now it uses a TextureState, just like you'd texture any other object in the scene.