MousePick for jME3

Hello all,

Between jME2 and jMe3 are many differences.

I want to implement example code from jME2 tutorial: Starter Tutorial 7 - Hello MousePick from into jME3 and I cannot. I need, if it’s possible, a small example for jME3, looks like Starter Tutorial 7 - Hello MousePick.

I tried to make a similar example, but I can’t.

Yeh, that “Documentation” menu item up there is really hard to see… Congrats you found the forum!

You talk about this page:

But, this example not help me for create what I want to do.

By the way, I also browsed all pages from jme website.

nope i think he talked about this

I tried this example, but I can’t create a similar project like - I understand jME3, but I can’t create a mouse pick like - Please help me, because this is the last unknown thing about jME3.

I know about this topic, but I don’t know how to implement this into jme3:beginner:hello_picking example.

Try jme3test.collision.TestMousePick

Momoko_Fan, Thank you very much! I knew about the examples folder jme3test, but I had a earlier version of jme3, but I downloaded current version and there I found this example: TestMousePick and this example works perfectly. And thanks of others who have responded to this topic. :slight_smile: