Move and respan particle :?

I break my head

so, I has ParticleMesh (mesh) and Node with it.

if i'm wont forcerespawn it on some point what method I must use for set this point?

a) mesh.setLocalTranslation(point);

b) node.setLocalTranslation(point);

c) mesh.setOriginOffset(point);

d) mesh.setOriginCenter(point);

and after tah what I must do?

so question is:

what I must do for envoke particle on some point?

:frowning: I try many posibles but some times it show in point and some times in point(0,0,0) ??? why??? method for invoke particle and create particle is ONE!!!


don't has more english practice :slight_smile:

btw in december game beta mast be released :slight_smile:

problem was solved :slight_smile:

    public Node getExplosionOnPoint(Vector3f point) {
        ParticleMesh mesh = getExplosion();
        return explosion;

nice work!

also try exchanging all "i'm" with "I"