Move Code Base

So, now that 1.0 is out, now would be the time to switch source code repositories. I think the consensus is pretty strong to move it to an SVN server. The question remains, do we want to use Sourceforge or Google Code and do we want to maintain history. My feeling is:

Google Code and ignore history.

The Google Code repo would be all new features leading to the 2.0 stuff. While, we could still use for patches of current 1.0.

Here's the place to debate it, etc.

Are there any particular pros and cons to google vs. sourceforge?  From what I can see they both offer many of the same features.  SF is of course more popular but I've often found it to be very slow.  Google's servers probably will be more responsive…  Do either of them offer forum hosting?  :) 

Do either of them offer forum hosting?

both do, but uses their own software.

Actually, I take that back, Google Code does not have forums, just wiki.

If by going with SF we could decrease forum maintenance tasks, integrate wiki/forum login and reduce hosting bandwidth, then I'd opt for them.  My only reservation would again be with server responsiveness…  Is my impression of SF as often being slow an accurate one?

I personally don't like the idea of moving to a different forum.  We have our issues with performance not because SMF is bad, but because Lunar Pages is either doing a bad job or we just haven't updated.  There are SMF forums significantly larger than ours that are quite performant (and ours has been much better recently).

I like SMF forums and find most forums a pain to use.  I think we'll lose a lot of community activity in the forums if we change…I would say I would probably be a lot less active too, but that runs the risk of sounding like a positive consideration. :wink:

I agree, SourceForge has had some reliability and performance issues in the past and would recommend against using them.  I don't have a lot of experience with Google Code, but it seems very clean and responsive.  We also get the added benefit of search engine preference.

We should be able to keep our revision history without any problems I believe, there are dozens of tools to convert from CVS to SVN and I don't believe you have to have root access for all of them.

mojomonk said:
My feeling is:

Google Code and ignore history.

As history would be an important point for me, I already asked on google code how/if history could be imported (waiting for reply). I'm not sure who must be contact on (didn't even find a support email :|) to obtain the cvs data, but I will figure that out and try to move stuff to google code, if you want me to...

Importing history seems quite easy: use cvs2svn and then this:

So we only need to fetch the ,v files from

It's all well and good not to want to move to another forum, but remember that bandwidth does cost money…  Right now that is mostly coming out of Mark's pocket.

renanse said:

but remember that bandwidth does cost money...

maybe change the hoster? I don't pay any extra credits for bandwidth use.

In the near future I was considering moving my own server from being a colo hosted by CI Host to using 1and1's dedicated server plan and having two servers (one for hosting of web sites, e-mail, forums, etc. and another for game hosting).  I would be willing to consider helping jME out by hosting the forum and downloads on the first server, but that is something would need detailed discussion if it is even of interest to consider.

Perhaps in 2.0 we should look at switching to another license to sort of "force" donations by organizations that are making money off the engine in their games?

There one thing that makes me worry about google code svn:

Quota used:  approximately 1.4 KB of 100 MB


Checking out jME uses about 30MB diskspace - the history will be a lot larger. Even if we do not import the history we will quickly reach that 100MB...

That is disconcerting…

sounds strange considering they throw out 4.5Gb storage for their mail accounts, which will be alot more numerous than google projects… :?

I think the difference is they know people are less likely to use all that space in a mail box than they are in a repository. :wink:

I doubt 100MB is a hard max.  That doesn't seem right. 

My picasaweb account has doubled in the last couple months, gmail has quadrupled. So, they will certainly raise the cap if other services are any indication. The question is, do we want to risk it? Looks like if we were to dump everything (with history) it looks like it would be about 75MB (that's CVS history, I don't know how much SVN history would take). That's stayed around the same size for awhile now (adding fewer items, just improving existing). If we are going to add Physics to the mix that will increase that size. I looked throughout the administration section of the project and didn't see any options for purchasing more space (like you can for many of their other services).

Evidently you can ask them for more quota:

Maybe we should "contact to discuss the situation" in advance?

Evidently you can ask them for more quota:

Submitting a request now.

Sent, I will post the response as soon as I get it.