Move mouse over terrain

Hi all

Long time reader, first time poster.

I've just started using the jME and I gotta say I'm really impressed. I genuinely think I can at least have a go at creating a decent looking game.

I have tried searching the forums for anyone else who might have tried to do what I want, but couldn't find anything. I'd really like to show a target cursor on my terrain. As I move the mouse I need to move the target over the terrain. I want to create an InputHandler that works in the same way as say Diablo, or Titan Quest. So I need to click on the terrain and move to that point. The first thing I'm trying to do to this end is paint a target on the terrain wherever I move the mouse.

Any clues you lovely people might have would be much appreciated. Please bare in mind that I'm new to all this gubbins :wink:

Thanks all


Try multi-texture.


My guess is that you wish for something similar to the technique in jmetest.effects.TestProjectedTexture.

Or you can have a look at what MonkeyWorld3D is doing with their TerrainMarker, a circular mesh which is superimposed on the terrain wherever you click.

I used that as a basis for an hexagonal marker on a terrain (you can get a glimpse of it here : )

You guys are so awesome !

Thank you so much. That's really given me some strong clues.

The principles demonstrated in TestProjectedTexture looks like the way to go.

Thanks everyone.

How do you guys know this stuff ?!?!