Move Your App Developer Challenge

Hi, I'm taking part of this competition. Thought I'll post it here as well.

Hi fellow Android dev,

Have you ever wanted to go to TED? Get the attention of leading VCs and show off your app skills? Now's your chance.

You're invited to participate in the Move Your App Developer Challenge. You'll have the opportunity to win an all expense paid trip to TED Global 2010 and other prizes.

Visit for more information.

You can also read our blog posts about it at

Sponsored in partnership with HopeLab, the purpose of our challenge is to foster interesting ways developers can inspire physical movement using the Android platform.

It's free to participate and open to everyone. Registration is open now until May 18th, 2010. Submissions are due by May 21st, 2010 and the winners will be announced on May 27th, 2010. Register as soon as possible and get started right away!

About the Challenge

The Challenge

    * Create an Android app that inspires and tracks physical movement

What kind of app can you build to encourage people to get in motion? How can movement be just as easy and fun as checking-in or updating a status?


    * Grand prize: All expense paid trip to TED Global 2010
    * Other prizes: MacBook Pro, Android phones, software, web hosting, and more!

The Judges

    * Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems, Former CEO of MySQL
    * Juan Enriquez, Excel Venture Management
    * Amy Novogratz, TED Prize Director
    * Cory Ondrejka, Co-Founder of Second Life
    * Pam Omidyar, HopeLab
    * George Zachary, Charles River Ventures
    * Jamis MacNiven, Buck's of Woodside


  1. Meet the challenge and build an Android app (.apk) that inspires and tracks physical movement
  2. Use a Snaptic intent or something from the Snaptic API
  3. App is already in the Android market? It must have under 5,000 downloads at the time of submission.
  4. If you're under 18, we need you to get us a signed consent form.
  5. Register by May 18th, 2010, submit by May 21st, 2010!

During the Challenge

    * Snaptic Team will be available to provide technical support, advice and feedback
    * Documentation and code examples for Snaptic Intents and API
    * Sign up for our May 27th event to meet and network with our judges and speakers. Get insight on how to scale your app for the long-tail prize and success
    * Improve your skills while doing something good for the planet

On behalf of Snaptic and HopeLab,

We look forward to your submissions and wish you the best of luck!

Feel free to contact us with your questions at or on our IRC channel #snaptic
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