(moved) Generating Level Geometry from a quadtree?

This is probably a no brainer for someone, or may have already been posted but I’m hitting a roadblock on a project.
I’ll try my best to explain what I’m doing if something is unclear please point it out and I’ll try to clarify.

I have a quad tree, each ‘leaf’ contains the following data in addition to its position

float floorhight
float ceilinghight
string ctexture
string ftexture
string wtexture

As some may have guessed My intent is to use this to generate two meshes, one for the ceiling and another for the floor with each leaf capable of differing ceiling floor and wall (visible when one floor is higher than it’s neighbor , or ceiling lower) textures. This looks similar to the original Doom engine in concept.

So far I’m having no problem bringing fully pre-generated level meshes into JME, but the intent here is to be able to generate the geometry based on the quadtree which might be procedurally generated or change in game.

Right now this only exists on paper, old programming habit of mine I write things out prior to actual coding while I define my algorithm.

*Edit: just realized the copy was cut off, can anyone point me to information / tutorials on generating meshes like this from primitive types on the fly?