Moving camera from pointA to pointB using Cinematics


I am trying to move the camera in cinematics from one position to another (schedule an event for it). I wrote the following code as a channel but it’s not woking. I do not want to use MotionPaths for this.


CameraNode camNode = cinematic.bindCamera("topView", ppa.getVisualizer().getCamera());
    camNode.lookAt(new Vector3f(19304f, 11176f, 0f), Vector3f.UNIT_Y);
    cinematic.addCinematicEvent(triggerTime, new PositionTrackForked(camNode, finalPos,  
            triggerTime, LoopMode.DontLoop));
    cinematic.activateCamera(0, "topView"); 


what exactly isnt working? what is inside “PositionTrackForked” ?