Moving DynamicPhysicsNode and World Translation

I was wondering if the worldTranslation being zero while the DynamicPhysicsNode is moving is normal?

I just tried attaching a chase cam to one and while it is moving the cam looks at (0, 0, 0), once the node stops moving the chase cam looks at the correct object.  I remember trying this a little while ago and everything worked great, so it's very likely it is a problem on my end.  Also, if I don't set the autoRestThreshold then the worldTranslation never seems to be updated; maybe this is another symptom of the issue.

did you try to call updateWorldVectors() before reading the world translation ?

The renderer displays objects at their world translation. So if that would not change it would not visually move. There must be some other problem with your cam.

is your DynamicNode direct Child of the RootNode?

Then You can directly call the LocalTranslation, because Worldtranslation ist only correct after updategeometricState(true)

(and when I call updateGS from Outside the GameLoop, I often got an ODE Error)

Hmmm, would someone mind running the vehicleTests then?? The chase cam seems to be going nuts in both…

TestAdvancedVehicle works fine over here.

They don't here at all, on Windows yes; but on OSX no.  It kinda looks like the image buffers are getting swapped incorrectly (probably not a buffer swap issue though), I can see the car every other frame but it seems to get farther and farther away then starts getting closer and closer.  Eventually, the camera does even out but if you then move it it begins going nuts again…

I do remember running this test before, but I am not sure I ever ran it in OSX.

I updated everything from CVS (twice), rebuilt everything (lots), discarded any changes to jME and physics; and the problem still persists.

what framerate do you get? the chase cam has known issues with low fps (<20).

Very Low, however it's a pretty high end system.

Also, windows is Virtual GFX card, OSX is native.

I also wrote a quick test with a simple failing pNode and it does the same thing, flashes like crazy at 300fps.