Moving jMonkey app onto the web

I am working on a Java application that uses the jMonkeyEngine (v1) for its 3D visualization and it ties in with another piece of software that is written in C++. The code base is about 8 years old now. The client has shown interest in moving their application onto the Internet.

So my question is this, which online technologies should I look at to be able to make this move as smooth as possible? I realize that I’ll probably need to rewrite most if not all of the code to make this happen (in WebGL?).

Has anyone done this sort of thing in the past that can give me tips on things to look out for?

Any suggested libraries that I should investigate? I’m currently looking at:

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Make a request for enhancement against JMonkeyEngine 3 about a new backend based on GWT and WebGL, LibGDX supports something similar.

I don’t like WebGL anyway.

How do you make a RFE against JME3?

I really thought current JM3 has support to build app on web already. Am I missing something here ?

You can fill a bug report on Github.

Look at its source code:

I see no backend based on HTML5 and WebGL in JMonkeyEngine yet and the applets are mostly dead.

I worked with threejs and it’s not a bad library, I t’s better suited for 3D applications as it’s mostly a rendering engine in JavaScript and I you can either build the UI internally or use html/css on top and it will still work fine

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Well if you have a short dead line, you should consider another engine.
WebGL is very low on our priority list.
I’d go to ThreeJS if your app is javascript.

The front end is written in Java and we use JME version 1 for the 3D viz. The backend is written in C++ that supplies data for JME to display.

8 years old and using jME 1 ?
I worked with jME in 2006 and again in 2009, but I think it was version 2, not 1.
That’s more than 9 years ago now and it was quite fun even back then.
The advantage was, that you could understand everything under the hood, the whole engine.
The disadvantages were numerous - they didn’t have a proper sphere object until I made one.
Today I don’t get many parts of jME and many plugins are hard to understand too.
But would I want to work with such old software again? Hm… :chimpanzee_rolleyes: