Moving objects in the Scene Composer JMonkeyEngine 3.1

Hi there,

I’m a new on JMonkeyEngine and so far I have to say that’s looks great !

But, I’ve tried to put a light in my scene it spawned in the middle. I just want to put it higher on Y… I can’t figure out how I can achieve that. I tried to move the only thing I can move with the controls below. Set the cursor position, and hit move selected object to the cursor. Nothing happens with my point light.

It’s pretty hard to keep interest when clicking on button make really no action. I looked every article on the wiki for beginners, I can’t found a correct video where somebody moves an object in the Scene Composer.

So if you have some ideas, that could be great.

Thanks you.


do you have the same issue with all objects in the scene composer or only with lights ?
Because i think we can’t move lights with the arrows.

Select the light as the active object, oben the properties sidebar on the right side and then edit the “location field”.

Its [0, 0, 0] and you have to edit the middle value of it and press enter to apply. That way it should work.


Thanks for answers.

@RatKod : Yes the same with every object (models).

@Darkchaos : Ok for a simple translation but for making a full level I will become mad ! :smile:

Any other idea ? or do you run in the same issue ?



Three Things:

a) Wait until it gets fixed. This might take quite some time as with 3.1 there are quite some bugs to fix

b) Try to see if it works in 3.0 sdk and create your levels there and copy them to 3.1 (discouraged because there are some changes made to the .j3o format, but for me it worked)

c) Use Blender/Your Modelling Tool for the generation of the whole world and simply import that. The Importer even translates Blender Lights to JME Lights (without the Sun though, since there is no JME equivalent)

Personally I would go for c) as Blender is more powerful than the Scene Composer anyway

@Darkchaos : The c) seems pretty good I’ll try that !

Thanks a lot

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Just wanted to mention that the bug you reported is already fixed in the git master which means it will be automatically working as soon as a newer alpha/beta comes out.

My solution was to make nodes all over the map and then use an appstate to go through and add the lights to the nodes.

You just run the appstate in the scene composer

@Darkchaos : Very good news :smile: ! Do you have an idea for a release date ?

@BigBob : Hum could be interesting way of doing it.

I think I’ll wait the next alpha.

But I tried to make a level on blender but I’m afraid that I made a too huge mesh. Wich size is my limit ? in blender unit ?


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No idea, could be days, could be weeks, maybe months.
You could build them on your own though, especially if you have linux/mac.

Basically the workflow is: git checkout address-to-github-repo; ./gradlew(.bat) build and then netbeans/bin/netbeans(.exe) to compile the new SDK.

There is no real limit in blender-unit size, but the bigger your level gets the more verts/tris you have which results in bigger files, longer loading times and more RAM consumption, but you would also have that when using SceneComposer.

The only thing you have to keep in mind: It’s good to split up huge levels into tiles and only load them when used to save some RAM/GPU Power

Ok Good. I have all the information I need for the moment thanks a lot for all your help. :smiley:

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