Moving root of 2D image?

Hello, I wanna make HUD Compass. My image size is: 128x128. Now it rotates around the 0,0 point of the image (left bottom corner). How I can set it to rotate around it center?

This might help:

Omg. I know I can calculate position in each frame with many mathematical code lines, but that doesn’t help me improve performance… I just ask is there any way to fix that in easy “ready” to use way? Maybe if it’s hard in HUD, I can do that in nifty? Rotating image in nifty is possible?

That document talks about how to construct a scene graph. I wasn’t insulting you. That’s the name of the document.

Put your picture under a node and then center the picture. You can then rotate the node all you want and it will rotate the image about the center. …which is the kind of thing that document explains.