Moving stats & fps counter

Does anyone know how easy / hard it is to move the stats and fps counter?

I’m working on some GUI elements, but they go over the stats and fps counter, and I DO want to be able to see those as well. I’m still in the early stages, and the stats and fps counter gove me valuable intel.

are the gui elements on the guiNode or nifty? if guiNode, then you could change the z order. Else to move them you can do:

[java]fpsText.setLocalTranslation((settings.getWidth() - fpsText.getLineWidth() - 50), fpsText.getLineHeight(), 0);[/java]

you can so the same for the statsview. This sets it to the bottom right, with a bit of a buffer to allow for large frame per seconds

But you need to do this after simpleInit because the StatsViewAppState will set to the the default bottom left

great, thanks.

I’ll try this tonight.