ms3d creates NullPointerException (workaround found: Developers please read!)

Hi folks

A very similar question has been asked in, but this thread seems to be dead and unsolved. So i post the same question with more detailed information to help in debugging.

one more hint: by Trial and Error (i'm not up to debugging a java-code yet, since I know this language for only a few weeks… part-time!) I found out, that it might have something to do with keyframe-interpolating.

Likely, Milkshape saves the models kinda crappy and the MilkToJme-converter doesn't catch these errors… in a few months I'm probably able to fix this by myself but I (and most likely a lot others) would be very glad if a developer could do that. As i said, i can provide sample files  :slight_smile:

After spending more time “trialing-and-erroring”,

I think I found the cause of the crashes. It’s cause of

incomplete Animations, meaning Animations with just

one defined Joint/Bone/whatever (which then of

course is not an animation…)

I made an example. Following an Object with three

Joints A, B and C which are animated in a Timeline.

Time: 1–2--3–4--5–6--7–8--9–10


Did anyone ever address this?

I don't know if you guys fixed this until know.

I just experienced the same problem.

Just make sure that (in Milkshape) "Operate on Selected Joints only" under under Animate is not set. If the model is already animated, unselect it and go to each Keyframe and do "Set Keyframe".

Thank god I found that topic. Otherwise I would've checked my code over and over again.

If it's already fixed in a never version of JME - nevermind. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah…after one sunday lost! This information let me smile again :smiley: