mTheoryGame Dissolve Shader WIP

Hi guys,

I’ve been playing heaps of Dead Island and not doing hardly any work, but I have been working on a new animated dissolve/blend shader:

The orange is supposed to be like burning up from the inside, black being the ash; and the blue being some kind of digital/holographic style dissolve.
There are a few particle effects going on, the brighter/larger is a result of bullet impact in the middle of the back, there's some lighting and a couple of dissolve shaders at slightly different timings.

I'm sure the technique I used has a name but I have no idea what that is, I just been thinking of how to do it for a while now.
The animated mask is running from the red channel of this image :
it incrementally clamps off the colour value, dark to light, and uses that for a masking texture. It is currently capped for convenience at 255 frames of animation. I have used this texture to discard pixels but it could be useful for other applications. The blue effect is running of a 16x16 image that comes in at under a 1kb but its hard to tell any difference.


Hahah… cool. Set phasers on triple-kill. :slight_smile:

very nice

wow that’s very nice!!

Any chance you release the code?

kewl! :smiley:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

@nehon for sure, it’s so deviously simple it doesn’t need much explanation (beyond what I did) but I will draw up a bit of doco and put up the code I used in the next few days.

Also if anyone does know the name of this technique please let me know, save me reinventing the wheel :wink:

you are a GLSL GOD!!! :slight_smile:

hehe thanks @mifth but you’re really too kind, if you have a look back through some of the old User Code and Project and Contribution topics you will see where the true GSLS talent lies, I’ve barely scratching the surface so far.

thetoucher said:
Also if anyone does know the name of this technique please let me know, save me reinventing the wheel ;)

this is "thetoucher's awsome dissolve effect technique", write an article about it and it's yours :p

source, sorry for the delay, it was ready yesterday but its the forums fault not mine, honest :stuck_out_tongue:

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Man, thank you a lot! I will try to put it to my shader library, but I hope it will be in the JME core soon.

And what about soft particles? :slight_smile:

no problems

Enhanced particles (including a soft implementation) are coming, jus let me sink a couple more thousand hours into the Gears franchise and I will get back to game dev :wink: