If I’m modelling something in 3DS Max, and I use a material that has multiple different materials implemented at the same time, each with a different texture, can I export this model into jME and use those specific textures? I’m basically asking, is it possible to have 1 mesh with 2+ textures applied to it? Or do I have to make a texture atlas and apply the same atlas to the object and UV map it out?

I don’t know any other way than texture atlas.

3dsmax is mostly for video creation, so you have to do stuff differently in order to work with games.

If you export one mesh with two textures, two things can happen, you get a node with two meshes, with one material each,

Or it simply fucks up, and you get something strange. The way to go is to use textureAtals/with uv mapping if the materials share the shader, else split the mesh into multiple.

Which exporter are you using? The OgreXML exporter should automatically handle cases like this

I’m exporting from 3DS to Blender using .3ds, then from Blender to jME with OgreXML.

Hello every one, as vinexgames, I also have the same question, is it possible in jME3 to have 1 mesh with 2+ textures applied to it?, in 3dsmax and unity would be material id, where you use the id to assign different materials to a single mesh.

Thanks in advance for any help or guide.

P.S. i probably should say that, i’m using 3ds max for modeling and the ogremax scene exporter

No. 1 geometry = 1 mesh and has 1 material
To do multiple materials split the mesh into multiple and place them in a node.
The blender import tool (for example) does this automatically for you.

thanks zarch for your reply