Multiplayer Game template

Hello all.
I have released the base networking template that I have hacked together.

Here is the current Readme.
**** *START README ******
This is a Networking template that I have built Using JMonkey Engine 3, Zay-ES and Spider Monkey

Major thanks to PSpeed , BigBawb, Toboi, ZZueg and Roah, Berzee for all of your help.

( I consider help to be code examples as well as putting up with my idiotic questions in IRC )

This project is Heavily based on the MonkeyTrap project by PSpeed, (

The overall goal of this project was to make a very simple multiplayer network game template that provides a RPG like interface with a very simple chat.

Controls Right click to pan, WASD to move, space to jump.

Running the project - a. Start the server ( ) b. Start the client ( ) b.1. Type in your username ( Default is a random string ) b.2. enter hostname where your server is running ( Default is ) ** NOTE ** This code is not optimized, and is probably loaded with things that could be done better. Be advised that this is my first step into multiplayer networking and entity systems. I am putting this up so that maybe it will help others get started on some of these more complex subjects. As things are corrected and updated this template should grow into a great resource.

*** TODO *** Full writeup and layout of how everything works together.

**** END README ****

Again , Thank you to The Guys / Gals in the Freenode #Jmonkeyengine IRC channel.

@PSpeed , I have maintained the License on the top of the files that I have used or modified from your Monkeytrap Example. If there is anything that I missed proper credit for please let me know.

To anyone that fiddles with this. Let me know what you find, and or fix!!


Hey @hexmare ,
Thanks for the awesome template! Whatta combo!

I keep having this problem though whenever I add another player to the game: everything starts shaking and being all glitchy.
See video:

It’s fine when only one player is connected, but add another one and the earthquake strikes. Do you know how to fix this?

Keep rockin’!