Multiplayer Game

Has anybody even been able to use this networking to have 2+ people log into a game??

if so, please make a base and share it will the community

I am not that advanced with networking, although i can write my own IO networking and blabla, but i am not very good with other stuff

I am just beggining with JME and i know how to start an application and edit it how i want, and i know how to make the server and client connect

Loading the Game inside of the client is my issue…

I know that with multiplayer games u have to make packets communicate between the client and server blabla, im all good with that and understand it, i have been programming rune-scape servers for years, and am trying to move on with a few friends irl and advance.

Thanks for your contributions if you will make any.

Come one, you can do it yourself, i mean SpiderMonkey is the easiest system to work with. Don’t get lazy and check out the wiki, you’ll understand it pretty fast since everything you will do is sending and receiving objects.

Im reading up, and trying to get it… but its honestly my first time working with networking really…

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, it’s just that you have to be careful not to overextend yourself beyond the limits of your competence to the point that you are entirely reliant on the work and savvy of others to get you to the finishline. With jMonkeyEngine (ideally used with jMonkeyPlatform) and SpiderMonkey along with their associated tutorials, you have all the stepping stones you need to start working towards a multiplayer game prototype.

You have the recipe and all the necessary ingredients. Wouldn’t you rather just make the cake yourself instead of tasting someone else’s?

Well i have nothing against eating a cake, no matter who it made ^^

I strongly suggest to start simple and learn the basics of rendering, networking ect first, as else you are really lost and often can’t ge the cencepts behind the interfaces offerd. While at first it might seem as a delay to your dreamproject in fact it really increases the speed, as you can anticipate problems much earlyer and have less to change later on.

Also it really helps the motivation if you start with smaller projects, I can tell as I’m now working 2+ years on mine and it is not really close to being finished at all. (It also helps to define milestones and work towards them)