Multiplayer mic-over-network

I am hoping to implement microphone over network(push-to-talk) feature in a game.

General Idea: Player has multiple in-game channels to choose from. He/She will only be able to send/listen messages over the selected channel.

Is it doable in jME(last post on the subject was about 3 years old)? Live stream vs recorded message?

Any help would be appreciated.


Sure its possible.

As far as I know jme3 has nothing built in to do it - but equally nothing that stops you putting in your own implementation.

Rather than reinventing the wheel though I’d look at the existing libraries/utilities/etc that provide this and see if any meet your needs… and if you find a solution that plays well with jme3 then post it back here to help anyone else looking for this :slight_smile: and other results from google might help…

Well i would go and more or less copy past the mumble code since it is opensource to java, and then work from that.