Multiplayer Multiple Choice Android

Dear All,

I plann to create application is a real time multiplayer multiple choice game. It will have a pool of approximately 600 questions that will be randomly selected for every game. Games will start on a rolling basis, consisting of 10 players at a time who must answer 20 questions per game, for quetion and logic for game it’s ready , now my main part multplayer i need help for it , what i need exactly:

  1. Player has to choose a room from the lobbay to enter a game.
  2. The player waits until thier selected room reaches 10 people. at that point, the game will start.
  3. within the game, each player’s score update it in real game.
  4. you can click name of player to take you to that player’s stats page.

    i need this in android but i don’t now how i can stat and what the tool i need for it , as i menstion up the logic for application ready but i need multplayer part.