Multiplayer problems

When I create a server and a client, the client can send a message to the server, but the server cannot broadcast to the client. A solution would be nice, but if it was possible, an easy tutorial would be nice. The one on the tutorial pages is very disconnected. It doesn’t tell you how to use the code, it just says what you can do. Many thanks in advance.

Look at the TestChatServer and TestChatClient as a simple fully working example.

If you can send a message to the server from the client then you can send messages back, too. The connection in SpiderMonkey doesn’t happen unless communication is already working both ways… so something else must be wrong.

There may be a case where the server and client fully connect but that the server can’t send out “unreliable” messages because of a firewall issue or something else. So what kind of messages are you sending?

i was using the tutorial and sending hello message, but it didn’t work. also, i needed to manually copy all of the network classes from googlecode. is there supposed to be a legitimate way of doing that? without doing so, the server and client give errors of missing classes.

What missing classes?

If you use a jMonkeyEngine3.jar from a release post alpha 4 then you should have everything you need for SpiderMonkey.

i’m just using the jme3 beta and it doesn’t have some of the network classes.

What missing classes?

Can’t help without more information.

without manually downloading the network classes, MonkeyZone will complain about not having the proper message class.

that’s just an example off the top of my head.

MonkeyZone may already be including an older version of the jars.

I can assure you that in a new project everything should just work. There are no missing classes from the jMonkeyEngine3.jar.

If you are having problems then you will nee to provide more details than that. If your project is coming up as missing classes (plural) then I will need details to tell you what is wrong with your setup.

No, MonkeyZone is still using some deprecated classes I think, gotta fix that…

if i am using the jme3 beta from the website, do i still need to download the jmonkeyengine3.jar?


just wondering, did you fix monkeyzone?