Hi there, I am new to JME3 but have made some games using XNA. I wanted to know how to integrate the client/server networks for multiplaying in JME3. If there are any tutorials then please let me know thanks. K OUT!

Spider Monkey.

There are some testclasses for it.

k thanks will see that

where can i find these test classes for spider monkey?

They are part of the JME tests/demos that come with JMP. Not sure how else one gets them.

The SpiderMonkey tests are in the network tests… though really the TestChatClient and TestChatServer are the only good examples of the new API usage.

There is also a wiki page that talks about converting from the old API to the new API… which also sort of provides an overview of the new API in general and might be helpful:

…and finally, the JME example game MonkeyZone uses the new SpiderMonkey. Though because it was a port from the old version there may be one or two new convenience features (like session attributes) that it isn’t taking advantage of.