hi frends

i am new to this community…i need ur help that can we create  multiple player in a single JFrame?? 

reply me ASAP

hey there,

  1. welcome to the forums

    EDIT: // 2. you wrote in the wrong forum (Releases)
  2. Until something like the following is possible,

JFrame frame = new JFrame();
MultiplayerGame mg = new MultiplayerGame();

we will need some more information about what you want to do.


I would highly recommend spending some time going through wiki and learning basic game development before attempting multiplayer.

thnxs to u both…but  i want to play mutilpe video player in single JFrame not  a game with multiplayer…

split screen?

no i am not talking about the split screen…but i want to play more than one video player in single JFrame

Could you give a description of what you are trying to achieve that is longer than a single line?

i want to create a Media player.Media Player must be able to play different video format like .wmv,.avi,.mpg and iterate through a playlist of video files with repetition…i want to add this media player in JFrame. The no of media player in a Jframe must be more than one   

why would you want to create a media player with jme? there are better possibilities. This community is about a Java 3D engine for computer games.

Even if you want to do it with jme, you will have a hard time playing videos in jme:

Maybe he confused JME and JMF?

seems so  :wink: