Multiple Animations on one Mesh (skin)


I've got a working animated model (skin & bones) imported from Blender3D using hottbj importer & I can switch between the various animation in JME

I don’t think Multiple Animations work on any importer in JME, except OgreXML.  I wrote this little addition exactly for this purpose and a sample can be seen here:

Thanks for the reply SomethingNew!

I spent a few hours investigating the animation setup used by the imported Hottbj models, AnimationControllers, SkinNode, BoneInfluences e.t.c

Short story: My conclusion was that multiple animations running simultaneously is not supported on the imported model from Hottbj and probably the other importers that construct the models with the jme animation classes (if anyone does know how to achieve multiple animations using the jme.animation classes, please feel free to post code demoing it to lift me out my ignorance).

From what I can gleam from the code they were not designed with multiple animations in mind, while I might be able to write a specialised class that'll take time and knowledge (about the JME animation classes) that I simply don't have.

So then, looks like I'll have to get models exported from Blender in ogre xml to use multiple animations, wouldn't it be useful to have a table somewhere with the supported features & limitation for each of the JME importers?