Multiple bounding

Hi… i am trying to do a 3d-style fight game. As long i know, there can be only one bounding volume attached to one geometry.

In the fight game, when detecting collisions, i dont want to check if the total bounding of one of the players is colliding to another, just only a leg in example.

So, the idea (and question) if this is posible? Attaching a small bound volumen to a part of the model.

I am clear?


You would nead to divide the geometry in to smaller ones and put them in one node. The bounding volume would be atomaticly combined.

Badmi is correct. You should be able to get some pretty tight fits if you just make your model in pieces. I would suggest Oriented Bounding Boxes for that kind of thing if you’re working from CVS.

dividing into smaller parts? isnt a little complicated?

splitting in legs, torso, arms, head, etc. wouldnt make the coordination between them too complex?

if have some example of the model and the java would be apreciated :slight_smile:

in max, its not difficult at all even if you have just 1 model.

Simply convert to a Editable Poly, select the vertices you want, and click break.

That would split a vertex into 2 different ones while still maintaining animation information.

Then you need to split the actual mesh into several parts.

overall , a 10 minute job.


It’s pretty easy with milkshape too. I don’t remember the function name off hand, but I’ve done it before and it took like 4-5 minutes to figure out.

ok. i will try. but every little parts needs to be saved as a independent mesh? i guess not…

well… let my try and later tell you…

thanks :slight_smile: