Multiple controller on a control

Hi there,

I’m trying to attach two controller to a control, one to perform the button normal behavior and the other one to perform the action attached to the button. But my controller seems to only see one of them, which is the internal controller define in the controller’s XML ( I want to do that because I have a specific controller to manipulate a custom button behavior and I want the interact method “next()” to be called on a external controller class to keep the abstraction of a generic button. Is there a way to do that or am I doing this all wrong?

[java] <screen id=“loginScreen” controller=“com.certification.renderer.jme3.gui.ScreenJME”>
<layer id=“layer1” childLayout=“center”>
<control id=“numpadnumber-1” name=“customImage-button” width=“13%” height=“11.75%” img1=“Interface/images/1_numpad_clicked.png” img2=“Interface/images/1_numpad.png” visibleToMouse=“true”>
<interact onClick=“next()” />