Multiple Controls for Character

I tried to resolve the problem with no available applyImpulse(and similar) on CharacterControl with multiple Controls for my Player Geometry:
public Player(Geometry geo) {
walkdirection = new Vector3f();
CapsuleCollisionShape collsionShape = new CapsuleCollisionShape(0.5f, 1f);
chara = new CharacterControl(collsionShape, 0.01f);

    rigid = new RigidBodyControl(0.1f);

    charGeo = geo;
    rigid.setGravity(new Vector3f(Vector3f.ZERO));


My assumptions are:
The Controls are called one after another and influence it relatively to its current state.
ApplyImpulse is working even if there is nothing to collide with.

So what i thought it would do is, let the CharacterControl handle all the stuff like falling, isOnGroundand so on and additionaly to that add an RigidBodyControl with zero gravity which only goes into action if i call it.

What is wrong of my assumptions? Why does it not work like i intend?

I think there is an logical error which i can’t grasp.
P.s Last line with setKinematic(true) was just experimental and tested it without it too.

Although I’m not an expert on that matter, I doubt that it is possible to add multiple controls. The idea of a control should be to by THE object controling the behavior of an entity.
The way to go should be to add a single control, which does some physical aspects automatically and to do the player magic hand stuff by modifying that control just in time.

I would have thought so too, but i read the custom control wiki page:

[...] When you add several controls to one spatial, they will be executed in the order they were added. For example, one NPC can be controlled by a PhysicsControl instance and an AIControl instance. [...] One Spatial can be influenced by several Controls. (Very powerful and modular!)
While gathering this qoute I found this "an be controlled by a PhysicsControl" not multiple but its just an example so I am not sure.

Yes, You are right. You can add several controls to the same spatial. However, they may interact in a way that is not clear to me.
For example, I don’t know when do local transforms are applied and world transforms become reliable…

So my thought is you can do it, but you will probably gain lots of headaches trying to make it run the right way…

Did you add your RigidBodyControl to your physics space somewhere? If not, it will not work.

[EDIT] --> Sorry, this did not make any sense. As you can see in one of normens replies in my topic, adding two physic controls will have one overwrtiting the other:
“Yeah its possible but you have to think about the fact that the default implementations of e.g. RigidBodyControls just apply their value to the spatial. So if you have two on one spatial and update is due, the second attached control will just overwrite the values set previously by the first. You can adapt the code for the controls ofc. to cater your situation. As a sidenote, the addAll and removeAll functions of the PhysicsSpace will only work with the first PhysicsControl of any Spatial (they do getControl(PhysicsControl.class) so can only grab the first of that kind).”