Multiple Directional Lights in Scene Composer

I’m having an issue with directional lights in the scene composer. I can add one, and it works fine. I can change it’s direction. Adding a second or a third after that to get better lighting from certain angles doesn’t work.

Are you supposed to only have one directional light per scene? I know it says “you typically have one light per scene” but in my scene, it seems like the light is very weak, and it is hard to get the lighting down with just one light. Or should I be fiddling around with spotlights and point lights instead after using one directional light.

Oh, and I can’t see any difference by adding an ambient light other than the fact that it shows the model. If it “influences the brightness” how do I make it brighter? My model is mostly black, thus the issues with lighting.

Are you sure your model is fine ?
Generally, black models have troubles with normals. If they are not facing toward the camera, the face is not rendered…

Ambient is the amount of light added to the whole model, even if no other light is there. There is no shading. Thus, ambient lighting is very “flat”.

I’m pretty sure the normals are fine. I looked at the normals, recalculated that, and made sure the rest of the ones that weren’t recalculated correctly were facing the same way. And what I mean by black is that the material is black, which is why I need good lighting to get a proper feel for the model rather than just total darkness :slight_smile:

Plus, I figured out the addition of directional lights only doesn’t work in the scene composer. I can do so just fine through the initialization of the app state an adding them to the scene.

Then just make a Testcase and send it here. It’s best way to solve it.

Okay, so I was creating the test case with Ninja.mesh.xml when I realized that I can do everything just fine with him. So, I guess it’s not JME :slight_smile:

Plus, I just reloaded the model, put it in the SceneComposer, and it now shows up very nicely. I can use as many directional lights as I want (not that I am though)…
Dunno what actually happened. Guess I messed with something while exporting the first time…

Thanks for taking the time to suggest stuff though!