Multiple Directional Lights Shadow

I tried to use two directional shadow effects in the same viewport. The things is I did not succeeded. I disabled the flushQueues of the renderers along the right order without effect. I still have one shadow effect. In fact I tried later with the pssmShadow to do the same operations which in that case, worked like a charm.
From this, I’d like to know if this is an implementation issue, knowing that the pssmShadowRenderer is deprecated.
*My tests implementation were based on the tests cases Directionnal Shadow and PssmShadow of the sdk where I added one renderer of the same type.

mhhh it seems there is an issue indeed.
Gonna look into it.
as a workaround you can use 2 DirectionalLightFilter as it seems to work as intended.

With the same DirectionalShadowRenderer ?

no I mean instead of 2 DirectionalShadowRenderer use 2 DirectionalLightFilter

It should be fixed in last SVN