Multiple geometrys One skeleton

PS. i use blender (early one , but did not knew how to fit it :smiley: )
Hi recently i noticed that its really hard to create a model of a man + armour + weapons + lots of lots , in one mesh and in one geom, not only couse of modelling, but specially couse of unvrapping of model over texture. Actually modelling is pretty easy but making a material with 20/30 pictures for one object and then make all parts fit that exact pictures in a parfect way is way too hard(at least if i dont make some extra cut , and some extra verticle or edge).

Take a breath and some patience pls :slight_smile:

Soo whats the point ?!

  • Well other day i made 2 geoms in one node ,animated by one skeleton , then loaded it , and it has actually worked. It was animated ( all geoms) .

But i noticed that only one geoms controls can activate animation, the second one i added to skeleton btw .(i noticed it after 2click .j3o model and and browsed in it)
Soo how could i tell which geom will have control over animation ,and most important :

Are there any problems to expect with this method of making the things ?
Lets say for now i have a guy, he has body, if i add armour geom( In blender)with its personal material and image, will it work ?
WHAT MIGHT GO WRONG ?(last words you say before disaster :smiley: )
And one other question is lets say : i make a model with one guy and armour all in one
and it has an empirical weight/cost of one (CPU GPU RAM ,yeah yeah i know , but i lets say)

Then i make a guy geom + armour geom , how mutch % will it be more expencive ?

If my last question is not clear , then lets say i just want to know ,how mutch more resorces it consumes use all splitted in geoms model over one made all in one pice ?

It’s supposed to work that way.

One model. One skeleton. Possible many geometries.

As I recall, even the test Sinbad model is more than one geometry.


Oh cool :smiley: , i was worried i were doing some thing lazy and wrong