Multiple Layers of GUI

I think it would be nice to have multiple guiNode in one Application.
Is this possible with the onboard tools of jME3 already?

I know, that you can have different Z coords in GUI, from -1 to +1.
But I don’t want to mess around with these.
I just want to say:
1st render 3d scene
2nd render first gui layer
3rd render second gui layer
4th render third gui layer
… and so on.


I believe with t0neg0d or nifty gui you can do this.

JME sets up the main viewports as the 3D scene and one post viewport as the gui viewport and expose it’s rootNode (guiNode)
You can create as many post viewport as you want. See how it’s done in SimpleApplication class.

Edit : even simpler you can split your guiNode in several sub-nodes : Layer 1, Layer2, Layer3 etc… and manage their visibility using the cullHint.

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Cool, thanks!