Multiple level terrain?

Hello guys I was wondering if there was a way to generate terrain but in multiple layers,

is it possible, to make terrain floors?

Terrain has 0 thickness…it wouldn’t really look right.

@navycougar said: Hello guys I was wondering if there was a way to generate terrain but in multiple layers,

is it possible, to make terrain floors?

Hey! Just interested in a bit more description of what you mean by floors?

@zarch said: Terrain has 0 wouldn't really look right.

Not that this is a solution to the problem (because I don’t understand the full question), but:

CullMode.Off if it’s a viisual problem
Or CullMode.Both if you only want one displaying at a time.
Or a roof (or single mesh) if we are talking about caves under the ground.

Hard to tell though without more of a description.

I think he means floors like in a house… 1st floor, 2nd floor etc.

Hmm, yes more information will be needed to answer this.

well if I want to make huge open world terrains JMonkeys TerrainQuad is enough, but when it comes to making small patches of terrain like a small map for like a house and garden, it doesn’t come handy.

what i’m trying to do is make a walkable terrain on multiple floors like normen said, the LOD is not necessary, the map is small enough, Nomren, suggested i’d better use customMeshes for that.

so I think i’m going to try to figure it out with custom meshes.

thanks guys for your answers!

Do you mean these kinds of floors? (Warcraft 3 / StarCraft 2 floors would be in the same ballpark)

I’ve been looking for an excuse to share a picture of that game. Loving that style so much.

If your world is small then maybe just model it in blender where you would have lots of tools to get the job done.

erlend this world doesnt have multiple levels ^^ it’s the same terrain just using differe,nt heights ^^

pspeed, I can’t do that, because the maps are kind of generated by the users.

tiles that are adjusted by the players.

This is why we’re asking for more information, because “multiple levels” can mean different things. Clearly you and me have different ideas about what “multiple levels” means.

You need to show us some screenshot or mockup of what you have in mind so we can get on the same page.

thanks for your help erlend,

what I have in mind is very simple, what I want is to define two floors,
floor 0 = ground level
floot 1 = rooms

and be able to calculate A* if there is a ramp going from floor 1 to floor 0.

i’ve implemented A* by using terrainQuad height map, but If I want to make two floors, then I cannot use heighmaps, because heightmaps only concern 1 level.
my characters cannot move from floor0 to floor 1 without something telling the A* algorithm that the height information has changed and to work wit the new floors heights.

i’m implementing my own terrain mesh, with preset shapes that can be queues to the mesh dynamically. and then 'ill adjust my A* algorithm to take into consideration the change of floor by setting a limit height to the heightmap or something like that.