Multiple monitors (or window placement)

Is there a good way in JME to have multiple windows for mutliple monitors? Or at the very least placing a window to display on a secondary monitor? The createWindow() method only specifies width and height, not placement of the window on screen(s).

I don't think that there is anything like that yet. But if you figure out how to do it with lwjgl we can put it in jME also…

In LWJGL, Display.setLocation(int x, int y) seems to be the likely place to start. If this is not specified then LWJGL will default to a centered window, which is the current JME behavior. Adding this as two optional arguments to the JME createWindow() method (and/or as its own method) would be nice! This would be extremely helpful in my current application… let me know if there's any chance of including it in JME anytime soon.

Alternatively, is there a way to call methods directly from the LWJGL API?


Sure, just call Display.setLocation(int x, int y) . Make sure LWJGL is on the build/classpath of your project of course.

One of the great advantages of jME is that it's simply a wrapper on top of LWJGL so for most things you can simply make direct LWJGL calls in the midst of the jME code without causing any problems with jME.  That's one of the major advantages of jME above Java3D is that you get all the benefits of a scenegraph, but you can make direct OpenGL calls if you need to.


Thanks guys. I'll keep you posted on my solution and perhaps you can add it to JME if you find it useful.