Multiple perspectives in one framebuffer to render as one frame


I am new to JME3 but what I saw so far it looks very nice.

I’ve the following plan at the moment.

I need a 360 degree view, (front,right,back,left) in one FrameBuffer to render it with a vertex and fragment shader.

I tried a bit but the only solution I came up with to get 4 views was using setViewPort() and rendering that for every direction.

What I would rather need is one frame with the four perspectives side by side but I dont see how I could do that.

In the end I would like to have a framebuffer holding something like this:


On that I would run my shaders then.

I hope someone could help me or give me some tips.

Best regards


When I create four aligned boxes and setup 4 camera views to show each perspective and grab the texture from each view and apply them to the boxes.

Would it be possible to “rerender” the textures to the boxes when moving around with my cameras?

If anyone knows a better approach you are very welcome :slight_smile:

Recently the capability to render to cubemap was added. See TestRenderToCubemap example